An Indian Hill family has purchased McCabe’s Granola and is expanding the brand into local Kroger and Whole Foods stores.
Rob Dowdy of the Community Press reports:
The Muth family lives in Indian Hill, but they can also be found in dozens of grocery stores in the Greater Cincinnati area.
The family – mother Susan, father Chris and sons Jameson and Michael – recently bought the McCabe’s Granola company and have expanded the business into 70 Kroger stores, specialty shops and several Whole Foods Market locations in Cincinnati.
McCabe’s Granola began in 2006 when two college roommates at the University of Dayton used a family recipe to create a brand that was featured in approximately 10 Kroger stores and several specialty stores.
Chris, who’s an attorney, learned the company owners were looking sell the business, and brought that information – and a sample of granola – home to his family.

“It was a natural fit,” Susan said.

“We just thought it was a superior product.”

Susan said the family soon bought the company and went about expanding its presence in Cincinnati.

Each family member serves a role in the company, which has work retreats and weekly conference calls.

Susan serves as president of the company; while Chris handles any legal aspects; Jameson, who is a financial analyst, is McCabe’s chief information officer; and Michael is account manager for McCabe’s.

Jameson said the family had no experience in the food industry prior to buying McCabe’s, but the family learned on the fly and now feel like its poised to grow.

“I think we’ve been through the hardest part,” Jameson said.

While the Muths bought a company with a popular product, they aren’t resting on the successes of the past. Chris said there are new McCabe’s products being rolled out soon, and the company is looking to broaden its presence in the Cincinnati region and beyond.