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The Granola is Fresh, Natural, and Nutty.

This is not your mom's boring old fashioned granola. Granola has long been thought of as a breakfast food, but we like to think of our hearty granola as a healthy snack for any time of the day. Our granola is delicious by itself, as a compliment to yogurt or milk, and it can even be used as an ingredient in a larger dish…like a yummy cobbler.

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  All McCabe’s Granolas are 100% natural. And by 100%, we mean:
•   No Preservatives
•   No Artificial Additives
•   No Chemicals
•   Basically...Just the Good Stuff
  Each batch is hand-made to ensure the freshest baked texture and quality
  The only granola to be made with all-natural extra-virgin olive oil
  Sweetened with just a touch of all-natural Grade A Maple Syrup
  Full of extra goodies like Protein, Omega 3, Fiber, and lots of nutrients.

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