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McCabe's Granola Company Overview.  Four Nutty Friends

McCabe's Granola Company Overview.  Four Nutty Friends

McCabes was originally founded in 2006 by two college roommates who realized  the potential of their recipe when they could  barter  homemade granola for computer repairs, a new bike and even a date.

The roommates have moved on to doctoral studies and a new baby, and handed the reigns over recently to a local family.

The Muths aren’t just any family though, Chris the dad is a local business attorney, Mom is a seasoned sales consultant with Cisco, sons Jameson has a strong financial background and Michael a web entrepreneur.  

Each of us has a different responsibility and yet we are all pulling together for each other.  

For granola lovers this is good news as the Muths will continue the same taste that made the original recipe so successful - using maple syrup, not sugar, and extra virgin olive oil, not canola or sunflower oil, in the mix. They make every batch by hand and locally.  Compared to large national brands, McCabes is full of nuts and seeds that provide a great source of fiber and not filler.

McCabe's is growing fast, but staying true to our roots.  We want to be in stores near you, so be sure to contact us!

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